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Beauty Blender Sponge – proper use, original price and how to spot a fake

Beauty Blender is a practical in use and effective in application sponge for working with make-up foundation. With the help of this tool, you can apply your foundation smoothly on the entire face skin.

There are many ways to apply foundation. One of them is a professional Beauty Blender sponge. Simple in use, easily interacts with skin and can reach inaccessible areas of the face – all this makes it a perfect device for creating an image of a perfect skin.


What is Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is a raindrop shape sponge intended for professional cosmetic application. It allows working with different types of cosmetics like eyeshadows, toning emulsions, creams, BB-creams.

The uniqueness of this sponge consists in its unusual shape. It reminds of an egg pointed on one side, which helps to cover hard-to-reach areas (corners of the eyes, nose alae, etc.). Because of fluff absence, blending is perfect – neither streaks nor visible lines.

There is one more thing that characterizes this sponge. Its material. There is no latex in the structure, so it does not cause skin irritation or allergy. It fits hand with a comfort that is why you do not feel tiredness and discomfort in your hand during long-term usage.

After cosmetic application, the sponge is required to be washed. However, after the procedure it will keep its original structure and serve you for quite some time.


Original Beauty Blender

Original sponge Beauty Blender
Original Beauty Blender

Due to sponge popularity and effectiveness, market is literary full of cheap and low-quality fake sponges. The original Beauty Blender has a set of marks, which help to distinguish it:

  1. Substance. The authentic Beauty Blender can easily become clenched even with a slight finger pressure, and its surface is a bit scratchy but nice to the feel.
  2. Shape. The original sponge has the exact shape of a drop, so the form is oblong. The products of any other form have nothing in common with Beauty Blender.
  3. Color. The authentic sponge has only four colors: pink (for everyday usage), black (for professional usage), white (for light foundation application), green (the new one, compact size). There are no other colors in the original collection.
  4.  Size. The original sponge is 5.5 cm long and 4 cm wide. Besides, when the sponge gets wet, it doubles in size. The fake sponges do not change size.

Green sponge Beauty Blender Purle sponge Beauty Blender Black sponge Beauty Blender

Buying the original sponge, you prevent yourself from a low-quality and nondurable product. The fake sponges, as a rule, serve just couple of applications, it is simply impossible to use them more times. Besides their solidity, they terribly interact with skin.


How much is Beauty Blender? Original and analog price

Original Beauty Blender sponge costs about $22.

The price of its Korean analog, Marshmallow Puff, which is proved to be worthy substitute for the original sponge, is 5 times lower, about $4-5. However, delivery from Korea will prove one more sponge cost.

Korean analog Beauty Blender - Marshmallow Puff
Sponge Marshmallow Puff

On the territory of Russia, Oriflame company offers analog. The sponge differs from the original in both shape, and material. Its price is about $5.

The French company Yves Rocher has also launched a range of sponges. They cost about $4.

Therefore, there is a wide choice of alternatives. Undoubtedly, all of them have their advantages, however the original is more practical and effective in both everyday, and professional use.


How to use Beauty Blender

It is very easy to use Beauty Blender and create a professional make-up with its help.

Start with damping the sponge in water. After this procedure, it should become two times larger. Next, you need to wring out the sponge or pat it dry with the paper tissue. The substance of the foundation depends on how much you wring out the sponge. For an everyday make-up the following degree of wringing will do: the sponge should be hardly damp, but not wet.

The next step is to squeeze out the necessary amount of cream or foundation on your hand, pat sponge in it, and only after this massage it into the face area.

To apply the product smoothly, follow the rules:

  • Apply the cream to the area around the mouth, nose, and eyelids with the pointed tip of the sponge.
  • The rounded base of the sponge is for applying the product to the forehead, chin and cheeks.
  • Do not stretch skin during applying make-up.
  • The product is applied with bouncy movements.


What can you use instead of Beauty Blender

For applying foundation, it is very common to use fingers instead of the sponge.

This method is also effective, as it allows keeping 30% of the foundation cream. Besides, the warm of your body makes the product more pliant, which means that the product applies better to the skin.

Instead of the sponge, you may also use cotton wool balls: low-cost but not effective. It gets hard to reach inaccessible areas. What is more, it is almost impossible to stump the foundation with the cotton wool balls.

Beauty Blender has a worthy analog — “Real Techniques” sponge, which has several shapes and sizes.

Professional make-up artists use tools that are more expensive – brushes.

Brushes with the tapered strands are especially effective: perfectly even cut strands, which are thick and tight. Such a brush is good for heavy and thick material.

Brushes with the pointed end are frequent in use. Such a brush is perfect for the beginners as it is soft and flexible.


How to wash Beauty Blender

Professional make-up masters advise using special soap Solid, which is designed for Beauty Blender sponge. You can also use Alcone 244 Fluid — its magic qualities can wash out any cosmetic remnant.

In household use, girls frequently use usual soap or a shampoo that do not include alkalis.

The latter product spoil the sponge faster than the former two.

The sponge requires washing within several hours after using. Therefore, the liquid product has time to harden and later it is easier to wash it out of the open cell structure.

Then you lather the spot on the sponge and rub it away with the smooth movements. After you are done, the sponge needs to be rinsed from soap. Next, you need to leave the sponge in a ventilated place to give it dry. If the sponge is left wet, it will not serve you long time; moreover, it will cause bacterial growth inside the sponge.


What is better: Beauty Blender sponge or brush

Beauty Blender or Brush?
Makeup Brush

It is difficult to answer this question. The thing is that both products have their advantages and disadvantages. So, a brush is easy to use and clean from cosmetics. It is also easy to dry, so there

can no appear bacteria due to the moisture. However, only a few know how to use it professionally, because it gets hard to spread the foundation smoothly over entire skin area. Besides, strands leave streaks and visible lines on the skin.

Beauty Blender sponge is opposite in its characteristics. It is simpler in use and leaves a perfect finish. Besides, it takes less time to apply foundation in contrast with brush.

However, sponges are nondurable, especially if you treat them wrong. Moreover, they can contain bacteria that damage face skin. But it depends on the product treatment.

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