Best makeup brushes according to customers

Best makeup brushes according to customers

The creation of a perfect make-up is a real art, a creative process, the main components of which are the skill and experience of the make-up artist. However, an equally important factor is the quality of cosmetics and makeup tools. Powder, blush, eyeshadow, foundation – not all the cosmetics can be applied with fingers or sponge. This task is perfectly handled by makeup brushes that make the process of applying cosmetics easy and convenient, help to achieve the smoothest tone and perfectly perform blending of blush and eyeshadow. If you decide to buy makeup brushes, you can easily get confused by their diversity: many types of these cosmetic tools that you can find in a shop are  produced by different brands and made of either natural or artificial materials.

Which brand to choose when buying the brush

Brushes made from natural material are perfect for applying cosmetics of loose texture: eyeshadow, powder, and blush. Brushes from synthetic material are preferable to use for the liquid and creamy products: primer, concealer, foundation.

The nap of squirrel, sable, Siberian weasel, badger, goat, lynx and wool pony is used as natural material for the production of makeup brushes.

Manufacturers make a huge variety of brushes: different types and models; and it can be difficult to choose the right ones. Let’s see the best models of cosmetic brushes according to the buyers.

The best eyeshadow brush

The brush for blending is the number 1 tool when applying eyeshadow. With its help, you can perfectly darken the fold of the eyelid and make a smooth blending between different textures and tones, especially if the makeup requires several colors and involves dancing shades. Professional makeup artists’ recommendation: the deeper the fold of the eyelid, the longer the fiber should be, and the shape of the brush should be more pointed.

MAC 217

The Canadian company MAC cosmetics produces professional cosmetics and accessories named M • A • C (Makeup Art Cosmetics). Today, the company’s main office is in New York, and the factories are located in different countries around the world. All the MAC brushes are made by hand and of high-quality materials.

The best eyeshadow brush - MAC 217

The MAC 217 brush deserves customers’ recognition as the best tool for eyeshadow blending.

Its advantages are:

  • Optimum shape.
  • Natural fibers.
  • Durability.
  • High quality.
  • Softness and long lasting.
  • Elasticity and density.
  • The brush dries quickly after washing.
  • The fiber neither crumbles as time passes, nor deforms.

The disadvantages of the brush according to the customers:

  • High price.
  • The fiber slightly puffs after washing.

The MAC 217 brush is perfect for working with eyeshadow of any texture: dry, baked or creamy. It perfectly blends the eyeshadow, ensures their minimum consumption and makes the application of cosmetics pleasurable.

The best powder brushes

The powder brushes are the largest in the cosmetic arsenal; they are suitable for applying both loose and compact powder. The larger the diameter of the brush, the better and clearer the coating will be. The perfect option for the application of a powder is a globular brush, which is called kabuki.

Too Faced

The best Kabuki brush made of artificial fibers, according to the buyers, is the Retractable Kabuki Brush from Too Faced. All the products of the brand are made using innovative technologies. Customers gave high marks to the quality of the products.

Too Faced - best powder brushes

The advantages of the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush:

  • Retractable cover, which does not make a mess of the brush.
  • The bristles does their work perfectly, blending the powder flawlessly.
  • The face color is streak-free.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The synthetic bristles are long lasting.
  • The retractable cover protects the bag from mess.
  • It is hypoallergenic as it is made of synthetic fiber.

The disadvantages of the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush:

  • The brush is better for the pressed powder, then the loose one.
  • It needs to be washed frequently.

The best blush brush

The brush for a perfect blending of the blush should have a special pointed shape. However, if you want not only to apply a cosmetic product, but also to adjust the contours of the face, a beveled brush will do it great.

Vivienne Sabo

The best blush brush according to the buyers’ opinion is the product of French brand “Vivienne Sabo”. It has high quality and an affordable price.

Best blush brush - Vivienne Sabo

It has the following advantages:

  • The brush grabs well the blush and blends them greatly.
  • The soft and dense fiber is perfectly secured and does not fall out.
  • The brush has an attractive design and is delivered in a transparent plastic case.
  • The fiber keeps the shape well and can withstand frequent washing.
  • The brush is easy to clean and quick to dry.
  • It is firm and long lasting.
  • It is hypoallergenic as it is made of synthetic material (nylon).

The disadvantages of the brush:

  • The case, which cannot close.

The majority of those who have bought the Vivienne Sabo brush think that it is almost perfect tool for applying and blending a blush.

The best lip brush

This brush allows you to make a smooth contour and evenly apply the lipstick, even if you have almost run out of the lipstick. The lip brushes should have a small, dense fiber and a thin pointed tip, thanks to which you can perform a neat contour.

Mary Kay

As for the best lip brush, the buyers consider the one made by an American brand “Mary Kay”.

Mary Kay - best lip brush

The advantages of the lip brush:

  • It is easy and convenient to apply a lipstick.
  • The brush has a small size; the tip is closed with a cap.
  • The body and the cap of the brush are made of durable plastic.
  • The brush is made of hypoallergenic synthetic fiber.
  • The fiber is elastic, perfectly keeps the shape and does not fall out.
  • The brush is long lasting.
  • The shape of the brush tip allows you to draw a thin, even line.
  • The brush blends the lipstick and spreads it on the lips well.
  • The using of the brush provides conservation of the lipstick.

The disadvantage of the Mary Kay lip brush:

  • Because of its small size, it is hard to find in the cosmetic bag or in the women’s handbag.

The best cosmetic tool kit

In order to create the perfect make-up, you need to use several brushes: for the primer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer, corrector, eyeliner and other cosmetics. Manufacturers make it easy producing the tool kits that include all the necessary types of brushes.


According to the buyers’ opinion, the best makeup brush kits are represented by the German brand “Zoeva”. Today the company produces a wide range of cosmetics and accessories. But it was the make-up brushes that were and still are the main products of the brand.

Zoeva - best cosmetic tool kit

The advantages of the Zoeva tool kit:

  • The brushes are perfect for creating a perfect make-up.
  • Each kit is supplied in its own cosmetic bag.
  • The brushes are soft and elastic, with a dense packing.
  • The quality of the makeup brushes meets the highest requirements.
  • The brand products are designed for both home use and professional make-up.
  • The brushes easily grab and blend the cosmetics.
  • After washing, the fiber does not crumble, and the brushes retain their shape.
  • The handles are comfortable to hold in the hand.
  • An acceptable price compared to other professional makeup brushes.

The disadvantage of the Zoeva tool kit:

  • For creating an everyday makeup at home, you do not always need a large number of brushes, which are included in the kit.

The adherents of the natural and synthetic materials can find the perfect accessories for themselves in each set, since the Zoeva brushes are made both of natural material (nap of goat) and of artificial ones (nylon and taklon). The brushes made of natural fiber are produced with the addition of taklon, which makes them long lasting.

Which makeup brush to buy

You should not think that the use of brushes for make-up is the professional make-up artists’ thing. Today, these cosmetic accessories can be found in the purse of every girl who has become accustomed to always look good.

  1. The best brush for blending the eyeshadow is MAC 217 from MAC cosmetics. This is a perfect choice for both amateur and professional make-up, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.
  2. The best powder brush is the product of Too Faced company. The retractable kabuki brush is perfect for blending the powder and does not cause the mess thanks to its pull-up shape.
  3. The best blush brush is the one made by the French brand Vivienne Sabo, which has a high quality and an affordable price.
  4. The buyers say that the best lip brush is the Mary Kay brush. You can make a perfect lip contour and evenly apply the lipstick, lip-gloss or lip balm with its help.
  5. The best cosmetic tool kit, according to the customers, is the product of the German brand Zoeva, which is perfect for both home and professional make-up.

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