How to Apply Concealer for Face Make-up. Correct Use for Different Face Shapes

Every girl looks stunning on a cover of a fashion magazine: the skin sparkles, the face transforms and attracts attention, the cheekbones tempt to look at them. But do these very girls look the same in everyday life? Not really.

But any woman is capable of becoming as attractive irrespective of whether she has a diploma in cosmetology. To hide and correct skin imperfections and to transform skin has been made possible thanks to the emergence of the concealers in the industry.

It isn’t difficult to use them at all. One needs to follow this sequence of actions:

  • Initially it is necessary to clean face skin as well as before any cosmetic procedure.
  • Apply the moisturizing cream on skin and wait until it is absorbed. This way the concealer will look more smooth and natural.
  • Later on pay attention to the outer corners of the eyes: if you have mimic wrinkles you need to cover them by means of a colorless concealer. Apply the cover-up on the problem area and shade it by patting your finger or with the help of a sponge. Don’t let the clumps appear: don’t rub in other cover-ups until the concealer is fully absorbed by the skin. Slide a finger across this area – it should become velvet to the touch.
  • Then gradually apply the concealer on the desired area and carefully shade it with your finger-tips or sponges.
  • For masking the flaws (freckles, acne, spots, etc.) it is necessary to apply the concealer pointwise, in small portions: this way the skin will look more natural.
  • Further apply foundation. At the same time try to shade it less, not to destroy all the efforts with the concealer accidentally. However, some makeup artists suggest applying the concealer after the foundation. They reason it with the fact that the concealer merges with the foundation and the borders become invisible. It is worth testing both options to make up your mind on the most suitable.
  • After foundation one usually applies powder. It is the last step of face preparation for further make-up.

Also there are several simple rules of how one should apply the concealer:

  1. When applying the concealer try not to pull skin: the effect of the cosmetic product simply won’t be visible.
  2. Don’t try to rub the product into skin: the concealer has to remain on a face in the form of a thin layer which gives the problem area a matte look.
  3. One applies a dry concealer upon foundation and after that a powder layer is applied.
  4. For a daily make-up it is necessary to choose light products: they are applied on skin easier and look more natural, but at the same time they cannot conceal flaws perfectly. For a photo-shoot or a festive event choose concealer with a thicker texture.
  5. Choose foundation that is a little lighter than your skin tone so when applying it over the concealer you will get a fresh look face.
  6. To add volume to lips one needs to apply the light concealer upon the contour of lips.
  7. It is important not to go too far with the concealer as well as with any other cosmetics. It has to look as natural addition to face features but not as a mask.

Face correction by means of the concealer

It is beneficial to emphasize the advantages and it is possible to disguise face flaws with the help of concealers of different shades.

You will use dark and light shades. Your look will also depend on their arrangement. The concealer is applied according to two basic rules of contouring and highlighting:

  • light shades need to be applied on those face areas which reflect light naturally (the line of cheekbones, the bridge, the central area of the forehead, the chin, the inner corners of the eyes, the area under or over the eyebrow);
  • dark ones – on those areas which are supposed to be in shade (the fold on the upper eyelid, the line of growth of hair, the nose).

Thus, you can give the shape to your face: to narrow a wide nose or to visually smooth a too long one; to emphasize the cheekbones and to round the sharp features.

However, it isn’t obligatory to follow this instruction. It is possible to try different styles and to experiment with shades. The main thing is the aesthetic quality of the result.

Correction according to the face shape

Considering the individual face features and its shape you can choose for yourself such make-up that will emphasize your natural advantages to the extent possible.

Oval face shape

There are no special recommendations about correction of such a face shape because this form doesn’t need it. Feel free to experiment with make-up if you have such a face shape.


Round face shape

Task: to extend the face visually and to correct the contour of the cheeks.

Areas to highlight: a highlighter is applied on a forehead, areas under eyes, and a chin in order to focus the attention on the central part of the face.

Areas to contour: to cover temples, cheeks, a jaw with the blush which has a color closer to a natural tone but with a brown shade. The deepest color has to appear in the chin area – this way you visually extend the round shape of a face.


Triangular face shape

Task: to narrow the top part of the face, at the same time having expanded the lower one.

Areas to highlight: a highlighter is applied on a forehead, areas under eyes, and a chin in order to focus the attention on the central part of the face.

Areas to contour: areas of temples and convex parts of a forehead.


Square face shape

Task: to make face contours more tender. For this purpose it is necessary to soften the sharp lines.

Areas to highlight: center of a forehead, areas under eyes, a convex part of a chin.

Areas to contour: hair line, convex parts of temples and a jaw.


Diamond face shape

Task: to soften the sharp and convex face contours, having changed them closer to a form of an oval.

Areas to highlight: a highlighter is applied on a forehead, areas under eyes, and a chin in order to focus the attention on the central part of the face.

Areas to contour: the convex parts of cheekbones are shaded; the area under them is slightly highlighted.


Oblong face shape

Task: to round the face shape visually and to broaden the cheekbones.

Areas to highlight: side face areas and convex areas of cheeks.

Areas to contour: the chin and the line of hair growth are shaded.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a concealer you will choose. Just remember that the concealer needs to be shaded carefully so the borders between dark and light tones won’t be visible.

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