How to use sponges for application of foundation

How to use sponges for application of foundation

The types of cosmetic sponges for the foundation and the ways of applying the foundation with the help of the sponges. Every woman desires to have smooth healthy skin from nature but by no means always, the dream becomes real. That is why one has to use different cosmetic products, which make the skin tone even and give it a shine. In order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to select the foundation correctly, and more importantly – to apply it to the skin evenly and naturally to the greatest possible extent, which cannot always be performed. There is a whole range of special tools for the application of matifying products that can easily cope with this work. One of the most convenient tools is a sponge.

Why do we need sponge?

The cosmetic sponge for the application of the matifying product represents a small soft sponge made of either natural or synthetic materials. It is handy to apply not only the foundation, but also the loose cosmetic products, for example, eyeshadow, mineral powder etc. Many girls are used to apply the creams with the help of the brushes or their own fingers. But, as a rule, the bacteria are carried from the hands to the face and lead to the spots and acne appearance. It is better to do it with the help of a small sponge, which makes the covering smoother without creating the effect of a mask.

The types of sponges for foundation

The cosmetic sponges are divided into several categories:

  • According to the material. Synthetic and natural. The sponges of artificial materials (foam, silicone, latex) are more firm and long lasting. The cosmetic sponges of the natural materials (cellulose, plant roots) as a rule, do not cause the allergy, the skin irritation and are suitable for any type of skin;
  • According to the shape. Round, rectangular, square, flat, egg-shaped, and triangular. The cosmetic sponges are represented in various colors and shapes (with the pointed tips and cut edges); this allows applying the foundation on the skin quicker and better;
  • According to the size. Big and small. The big cosmetic sponges are handy to apply the product on the T-zone, cheeks and neck. The small sponges perfectly work with the area under the eyes, and remove the redness around the nose.

Why is sponge better for applying the foundation?

  1. The basic advantage of the sponges is that it helps to apply the matifying product evenly to the whole skin surface. The covering is as light as a feather but it disguises the visible imperfections. Besides, the sponge allows regulating the density of the foundation covering. To achieve the lighter effect, you need to moisturize the sponge slightly; this application method will suit the girls who have pure skin without the enlarged pores or acne. The dry sponge in addition to the dense foundation will help to mask the redness and any other skin imperfection.
  2. The cosmetic sponges can have different shapes and sizes, which allow reaching the most problematic zones, such as the inner corners of the eyes, nose, and the eyebrows area. The product is spread evenly without making streaks and visible lines, which is a frequent “sin” of the special brushes.
  3. With the help of the sponge, the foundation is applied quickly, and you will not have to operate with your own fingers.

The only minus to know about before starting to use the sponge is that the sponge wastes a lot of foundation, which can be an uneconomical use. The thing is that the sponge soaks up the product; that is why you will have to buy the cream more often. Besides, you have to wash the sponge every second-third day thoroughly with the soap in order to protect it from the harmful bacteria inside the sponge. The health of your skin depends on this.

How to apply foundation with the sponge?

  • As a rule, the process of application the matifying base begins with the cleaning and moisturizing the skin. For this, you can use a tonic or a micellar water, and then you should apply a light nutritional cream.
  • Before applying the matifying product, slightly damp the sponge; use only pure water for this. Do not hold the sponge in the water for too long; it is enough just to damp the tool a little bit.
  • For creating the light tone on the face, you should squeeze some amount of the cream on your hand and then take the product with the help of the pointed tip of the sponge and apply it to the face. If you need to achieve a denser covering, squeeze the cream right on the sponge or apply it to the face in a touching manner and then blend the cream.
  • It is necessary to spread the foundation in slight driving movements moving from the center of the face to the temples. If there is redness or irritation on your skin, try to apply a denser layer of the cream or before applying the foundation use a special corrector.

It is as simple as that to make the natural and shiny face tone, the main secret is the right selection of the foundation and of the tool for its applying. The sponge will excellently suffice for this task. Give priority to the high-quality cosmetic sponges and do not forget about the necessary hygiene.

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