Latex sponges for Makeup

Latex sponge for make-up — peculiarities and usage

In order to make a successful make-up, you need to follow three rules: choose right decorative cosmetics, properly select care and cleansing products, use high-quality sponges. Further, we will speak about the latter.

Pros and cons, latex sponge peculiarities

Latex sponge is handy; it creates attractive and natural look. It is harmless for your health. However, sometimes it provokes allergy. But this happens only to those, who suffer from latex. If you do not have such an allergic reaction, and you can easily use condoms and other latex products, the sponges of this material will be only of use to you.

Latex sponge can be used for applying different decorative cosmetics:

  • Foundation;
  • Concealer;
  • Powder;
  • Blush.


If the structure of your cosmetics is fine, the after application sensation will be the most pleasurable for hands as well as for your face. As a result, your make-up will be perfect, and your skin will get a glowing look.

Latex sponges have different colors
Latex sponges have different colors

Latex sponges have different colors: white, beige, pink. Mostly, women use white sponges. The latex sponges have also different shapes. The most popular are:

  • Triangular;
  • Round;
  • Rhombic;
  • Rectangular;
  • Handled;
  • Oval.

The rectangular, rhombic and triangular sponges fit palm perfectly. They are designed for applying foundation to visible skin areas and are perfect for out-of-reach areas (under eyes, nose).

The oval and round ones sponge
The oval and round ones sponges

The oval and round ones are good for smooth application of the foundation in massaging way (forehead, chin, cheeks). As a result, you get even face color.

How to use latex sponge

How to use latex sponge
How to use latex sponge

Dry application method

It is necessary to use dry sponge, if you need to make an everyday natural look. The make-up will be as natural as possible. It is important for those who prefer “nude” make-up. You would not like your cosmetics to be visible? Dry sponge is what you need.

Wet application method

Before using latex sponge, you need to saturate it with water. It is necessary for evening make-up.

Smoothness during foundation usage

To apply thin smooth layer of foundation, squeeze it to the latex sponge. Apply the sponge to the face in light skimming motions.

Perfect make-up harmony

This sponge is perfect for blending visible lines, which appear during foundation application.


Have you already applied all the necessary products? Make sure to wash the sponge after using. You can use just warm water and shampoo or soap. If you will make the procedure every time, it will be always clean and bacteria-free, otherwise it will cause pimples, blackheads and face irritation. Your face will be beautiful, healthy, and your skin will remain smooth and well-groomed.

Remember to dry the sponge on the paper napkin after washing.


Latex sponge is useful tool, which will help to create even tone to your skin. Its price is affordable and durability is almost endless.

Using latex sponge, you protect your skin from damage, allergy, irritation, which is very important for sensitive skin. Its small size allows keeping it in any cosmetic bag.

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