Silicone pad

Silicone pad for pore cleansing, massage and facial treatment

For those, who take care of themselves and search for products that can keep their beauty and youth, there has recently appeared a new product – silicone pore cleansing pad. It delicately cares about skin, cleaning it, exfoliating keratinized cells and aerating the skin.

Silicone pad has some advantages in comparison with other face cleansing products:

  • Uniformity of the structure. In contrast with cellular materials, silicone excludes plaque formation and bacterial growth. Due to this fact, it minimizes the risk of abscess formation and skin irritation.
  • Softness and flexibility. If you use the pad right, it neither hurts skin nor provokes redness and exfoliation.
  • Hypoallergenicity. It does not cause any allergic reaction.
  • Firmness. In contrast with foam sponges, which dry and tear after several days, such a pad can serve you within several months.
  • Parsimony. According to the feedback, the cleansing products are expended less.
  • Simple in usage and pad treatment. It is easy to use, wash, dry and disinfect.
  • Affordable price.

Cosmetic effect

The silicone pad effect is comparable to beauty salon procedures. More than 80% of women, who tested this new product, affirm that it gives skin purity, glowing, health and youth. What is the unique feature of the silicone pad?

Silicon pad - effects

  1. It deeply cleans skin from dust particles, cosmetics, and sebaceous glands exudation.
  2. It carefully massages the skin leaving the effect of light pealing.
  3. It improves blood circulation, aerating the skin, toning and improving face color.
  4. It eliminates blackheads much better than scrub.
  5. It narrows enlarged pores in T-zone.
  6. When used systematically, it decreases mimic wrinkles. The skin becomes smooth and silky.

Cosmeticians recommend people who have thin sensitive skin using the pad with care. If you use the pad incorrectly, you may get redness and microtrauma; that is why it is not recommended to test the pad before an important event or going out.

How to use silicone pore cleansing pad

How to use Silicon pad
How to use silicone pore cleansing pad

Before using, make sure to remove make-up and wash your face with room temperature water.

Preliminary damp the silicone pad, then pour on it a couple of drops of any cleansing product. It may be everyday makeup removal, facial wash, skin care mousse, peeling-mousse, gommage scrub. Next, following massage lines, massage skin of the face, neck and low neckline within several minutes. You can massage it harder on the forehead and chin.

In conclusion, carefully wash your face with warm water until all the foam is removed.

Pat your face dry on a tissue, clean it with tonic or hydrolat, and then apply your usual night cream. After deep cleansing, the cream will sink quicker and its effect will be marked better. You will notice the result after the first usage. Your skin will become smooth and velvety, besides it will get healthy color and even tone.

After using the pad, make sure to wash it under warm water stream, removing the rest of cleanser. Then dry it and keep in a moisture-free place.

In conclusion…

Cosmeticians do not recommend carrying out the face cleansing procedure every day. Organize your pad-using schedule according to the skin type. Those who have dry and sensitive skin need to conduct the procedure once a week; otherwise, it will cause skin dryness and cheek exfoliation. The days when you use the cleansing pad, make sure to apply heavy textured cream than your usual one. Girls, whose skin is greasy and blemish-prone, may try deep cleansing procedure 2-3 times a week.

The silicone cleansing pad is useful for face treatment as well as for treatment of hands that undergo aggressive environmental exposure and need delicate spa-treatment.

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