best substitutes for sponge when applying foundation

What are the best substitutes for sponge when applying foundation?

The perfect tone is the basis of any makeup. It is quite problematic to create it without a special sponge. Let us see, what we can replace the cosmetic sponge with in order to apply the foundation like a professional makeup artist.

The foundation should be used in a correct way. Only due to this fact, it will hide all the skin imperfections and make it perfectly even. Moreover, the thinner the layer of the product, the more natural the makeup looks. There are several ways to apply the foundation:

  • Special brushes. The makeup artists use only the brushes when blending the tone. They are easy to substitute the sponge because the brush spreads the product extremely thin. For this, you need to squeeze some amount of the product on the palette, mix it well with the brush and apply to the skin in the circular motion;
  • Sponges. The popular among the bloggers BeautyBlender sponge is simple at use. The handy drop shape allows spreading the foundation quickly and evenly
  • Fingers. The time proved way, which is frequently used at home. Hands are the most convenient way to apply the foundation.

Applying foundation with fingers

First, clean the skin and moisturize it using your cream. Let it soak up and get ready for the makeup. Squeeze some amount of the foundation on your hand. It will warm up; therefore, it will be easier to blend. Apply the product in the direction from the center of your face to the edges. A special attention should be paid to the nasal labial folds, chin and the cheeks. Do not forget about the neck. Spread the cream evenly so the face tone does not differ from the neck tone.

Using brushes for foundation

There are many brush types for applying the foundation, which serve as a perfect substitute for the sponge. They differ among themselves in shape and purport. The liquid or dense textures are applied equally well with the right-picked brush. Depending on the foundation structure, the following brushes are found:

  • Foundation brush. The brush is a real legend, which is present in the arsenal of any makeup artist. The perfectly even cut of the bristles allows blending the foundation without flaws. This brush is also suitable for the dense textures;
  • Bent brush. Despite the strange form and the even narrow fiber cut, such a brush makes the invisible covering on the skin. It is suitable for the work with the liquid textures;
  • Brush with the trimmed edge.  Helps to disguise all the imperfections of the skin with the help of the foundation of any texture;
  • Toothbrush-shaped. The brush of such a shape was initially designed for the professional use, but quickly became popular for the everyday makeup. It is suitable for any type of texture, even for the densest ones;
  • Sponge brush. It looks like a BeautyBlender, but due to its long handle, the brush is more handy to use;
  • Brush with the pointed tip. Such a brush is a classic thing in the world of makeup. This is exactly this brush to start using for the ones, who are used to apply the foundation with the fingers. It can easily blend the liquid product and will not leave its excess on the skin.

It is not recommended to apply the foundation in a thick layer. It will roll up and look like a mask on the face. The right-picked brush and constant practice is the key of the neat tone and flawless look.

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