What to drop on sponge and why it is better to damp sponge when applying makeup

What to drop on sponge and why it is better to damp sponge when applying makeup

The cosmetic sponge is the excellent tool for applying the makeup. The wet texture creates the perfect surface and hides the skin imperfections very well. But if you drop some additional product on the sponge, the procedure will be more pleasant and effective.

The modern sponge is very much different from those old-school pieces of foam, which were used in the past. Just one tool is able to replace the whole arsenal of the makeup brushes and significantly increase the level of basic skills of makeup. In order to use the sponge at the highest effectiveness, you need to damp it before using. This will provide the light and clear covering with the wet finish. The overwet tool will leave the stains on the skin, and the dry one will not be able to blend the cosmetics well. Let us see what we should drop on the sponge before doing makeup to look perfect.

Most affordable method – damp sponge with water

The sponge should be used wet, do not neglect this method. Due to the water, it gets bigger in size, pleasant and velvet to touch. Besides, the wet surface of the tool will not soak up much cosmetic product; that is why the layer of the foundation or a powder will not look excessive.

Either usual or thermal water will do for the moisturizing. First, damp and squeeze the sponge very well, and only after this we start applying makeup. The more water is soaked up inside the sponge, the lighter and the more natural the foundation will look on your skin. If you need to achieve the denser texture, make sure to wring out the sponge with the towel.

Moist sponge with beauty oil

The light-textures and effective in skin treatment refinishers and accelerators have firmly been fixed in the cosmetic bags of the modern women. The products are designed for the intensification of the protective function of the skin, but due to their body, they are good for the blending of the beauty-products. In order to create a clear transition between the different shades of the corrector or a palette for contouring, such an oil is dropped on the sponge and applied in driving movements. Besides, during applying the makeup the skin is getting evenly moisturized.

Professional fixing sprays

The perfect look during the whole day is the dream of every woman. Some professional products can fix the makeup for a long time. On the other hand, they dry the skin very much and cause the unpleasant feeling of tightness. That is why it is not recommended to apply them right on the face. It is better to spray the sponge, and then apply the product upon the foundation. So, the covering will be more even, and the skin will not suffer the dryness.

Shining base or primer

The light texture of the shining base evens the skin tone, and the glimmering shimmer highlights the natural beauty of the cared-for skin. It is recommended to apply the product over the moisturizing cream. For this, some amount of the primer is dropped on the sponge and spread over the face in tapping motions. The flat side of the tool helps to work with the even face areas, and the narrow one – with the hard-to-reach areas. Next, the foundation is applied, due to which the skin surface will look perfectly even.

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